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How do you prepare for the wedding photo shoot? Advice to the newlyweds.

Most photographers have their own recommendations as to how to get the best out of the photo shoot. Here is how you can make your wedding photographs look perfect:

1) It is preferable for the young couple to get to know their photographer well before the wedding. You will tell me what style of photography you would want for your wedding. We will discuss your wedding day in every possible detail (by the way you can start planning on it right now). I will let you know what I can do for you. We will discuss the route and places where scenic photographs will be taken and other stuff. On top of everything, we will just have a good interaction which is important in establishing a rapport between you and your photographer. Getting to know me while doing a pre-wedding photo shoot – a LOVE STORY is an excellent opportunity to get to know me better in a “working environment” and make sure I am the one you want for your Special Day – as a photographer and as a person

2) Your spirit and your desire to get the best result is most important for the success. Especially in case of the Wedding Day walk and for the staged photos. If newlyweds eagerly respond to the creative ideas of the photographer and, better yet, produce ideas of their own, do not refuse to take a run, a groom – to carry his fiancé around, or drive to a place which hasn’t been a part of the original plan, then I will enjoy the work even better. You, on the other hand, will get beautiful shots of your wedding, natural and full of life.

3) Get some good sleep before the wedding. If you want to have a drink to relax, I would advise against it – alcohol usually doesn’t make you look your best. On the other hand one shot of cognac during the walk and the photo shoot, can help you relax and be natural

4) For the fiancé to look her best, I do not recommend saving money on professional makeup. It will give you a lot of confidence in your beauty. You will love your pictures no less than the ones edited in Photoshop.

5) Your romantic pre-wedding walk photo shoot should start during the day time – no later than 3 PM in winter and 6 PM in summer. You can always do a shoot at sunset if you wish… The walk itself usually takes place after the wedding ceremony before the wedding reception. The walk normally takes about 2 or 3 hours. It would make sense to have a person who would entertain the waiting guests during your pre-reception photo shoot. Don’t take children, relatives or other guests for the photo session. You won’t be able to relax and it will be reflected on the photographs. And… I am not sure you will be able to muster a passionate kiss in front of your parents… If you have some friends/guests who insist on being photographed with you, have it done and then leave them behind somewhere and do your photo shoot with the photographer only.

6) Dear fiancés, don’t forget to take comfortable walking shoes during the walk in the city or in the park.


And the most important part: enjoy the photo shoot, smile, be happy. Your romance, love and happiness in your eyes will make the photographs beautiful. All your friends and family will love your wedding pictures

My congratulations on your upcoming most important day in your life,

Your professional photographer Inna Tchekourda.